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Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy:

Pregnancy causes a lot of changes to your body.  Not only does your shape and posture change so do your hormones and water balance.  As your baby grows your posture changes to compensate for the extra weight.  If your body is not in balance this can cause pain and discomfort.  Hormonal changes can cause your joints to become unstable, and water retention often causes painful swollen feet or pins and needles in your arms and hands.  Chiropractic can help your body adapt more easily to these changes, giving you a more comfortable pregnancy and often easier birth.  We have a specially designed pillow that allows ladies to lay comfortably and safely on their stomachs during treatment.  As a mother of 4 Dr Fiona has a first hand understanding of what your body is going through.

After birth your body must re-adapt to your change in posture and weight distribution.  Caring for a baby, breast feeding, bathing and nursing can all add extra strains to your body.  Chiropractic care can help your body adapt and cope with these new pressures.