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What to Expect with Your Treatment:

The initial consultation will consist of a health history check.  This is necessary to determine that chiropractic care is best for you, to uncover all factors that may be contributing to your problem and ensure that you get the best quality care. The amount of care needed will of course depend on the individual and their particular injury but basically there are 3 Phases of Care.

1.  Relief Care:

· Most patients consult our office because they have an ache or a pain.  Their goal?  Relief.  That’s our first objective.  Visits are frequent during this period of intensive care.  Each visit builds on the one before so keep your appointments for the best results.

2.   Rehabilitative Care:

· During this phase of care your symptoms have generally decreased or disappeared but subluxations are still present.  It takes time for your spine to stabilise and for adjustments to start holding in place.  At this time you may also be given some exercises and stretches to strengthen weakened muscles that will aid in stabilising your spine.

· This phase of treatment also helps to prevent reoccurrence.  At the end of this phase you may choose to discontinue treatment or transition to maintenance care.

3.  Maintenance Care:

· When your spine has stabilised, i.e. it is healthy again, regular check ups help to keep it that way.  They allow for the correction of subluxations before they become symptomatic thus catching little problems before they become serious.

· It is similar to maintaining your car.  You get it serviced periodically to stop it from breaking down.  The mechanic checks the car and will sometimes find problems and fix them so that they don’t get to the point of failure and leave you stranded.

At any point if you have any questions about your care please don't hesitate to discuss them with your chiropractor.